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Do you ever wonder why your employees never seem that interested in participating in your wellness promotion events? If you are looking for a solution, you must break away from the way things have always been done.

The Balanced Spine has a high participation and success rate with our corporate wellness event program because we give your employees a new, energetic and interesting perspective on healthcare. You will be giving them the programs that they are curious about.

Contact us today to discuss our impressive portfolio and create a wellness promotion agenda that yields results.

Health Screenings

This is a guide to our off-site health screening capabilities including descriptions, definitions and possibilities for your organization.

Screening opportunities are abundant and require only an area of convenience to foot traffic.Inquire within The Balanced Spine about the possibilities of your venue. The most common health screening sites for The Balanced Spine have been corporate cafes, drug stores, grocery markets, community & cultural events, employee break rooms, fitness centers, athletic events and sports equipment stores. Easy.

Scheduling the dates

Scheduling with The Balanced Spine is made easy. We will review our openings and compare with your organization’s ideal dates and schedule accordingly.

The Balanced Spine has experienced less confusion and frustration when block scheduling the screening events. An example of this would be to schedule your screening every third Saturday of the month. Another example is a rotating schedule such as alternate 3rd Tuesdays and 3rd Saturdays of the month to add variety.

It’s usually customized to the business preferences.

Length of Screenings

The typical length of a health screening is four to six hours during the height of business/employee traffic. This is customizable to the preferences of the business or organization.

We are always respectful of the business’s everyday activities or an organization’s sensitivities and will never get in the way of their services.

 The Balanced Spine communicates any potential situations that could interfere with day-to-day business with the organization or manager prior to the event to avoid any misunderstandings.

Keeping the key players informed

It is important to us to always keep key individuals informed.

When The Balanced Spine schedules the screening events it always has a list of these individuals on hand for communication if the situation requires it and visa- versa.


It is The Balanced Spine’s intention to have the smallest footprint possible in the health screening setting.

Types of Health Screening

MyoVision “muscle vision” is a NASA-developed surface electromylograph. The advanced technology reading reveals muscular and nervous system activity and stress.

Spinal Analysis Machine which tests postural and spinal stress on five different planes.

Trigger Point Massage
Trigger points are areas of tenderness in muscles that are indicative of nervous system irritation and stress.

The Gravity Stress Analyzer machine tests postural and spinal stress on nine different planes.

Thermography measures surface temperature differential within one-hundredths of a degree in the purpose of determining
nervous system irritation.

Blood Pressure
Classic indicator of cardiovascular stress and health.

Leg Checks
Screening tool for postural stress analyses.

Palpation and R.O.M.
Screening determines spinal range of motion.


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